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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you add an event I did?

Probably. Email the details over to moc.niardnastoor#bes|. The site is constantly expanding in its reach and scope of events, so please don't hesitate to submit new events that aren't currently listed.

How did you import all those results?

Good, old-fashioned hard graft! It wasn't easy, since every organiser displays their results slightly differently. Some in excel, PDFs, some in HTML, some just plain text on a forum. Then in each of those formats there's variation too - some show sponsors, some don't. Some events have split times, others don't. Is it Firstname Surname or Surname Firstname? Etc etc…

R&R's bespokely-coded parser does its best to cope with all eventualities, but some manual human-powered manipulation of the data is normally required before passing it over to the code. Just to tidy things up a bit.

What about common names, two riders sharing an identity?

This is one of the biggest issues with the site.

The site's code does its best to detect them, using other data points such as sponsors, licence numbers (rarely present) and category. But often it's just not possible to be sure. These are minor edge cases though, and if you've come across one (or anything else for that matter), please email moc.niardnastoor#bes| and it'll be set right as soon as possible.

How can I download the photos I bought?

You will have been emailed instructions in your order confirmation email. If that hasn't come through, there's a decent chance it's ended up in your "spam" or "junk" folder. If you still can't find it, please get in touch at moc.niardnastoor#bes|.

How can I remove myself from the site?

Please read the privacy policy.

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